You don’t want to start from scratch every year. And with perennial flowers, you don’t have to. Select beautiful perennials from Peters Greenhouse and you’ll have flowers year after year without extra work.

Perennials require less maintenance and unlike annuals, they are a one-time purchase that pays you back for years with beautiful blooms. Great for gardeners on a budget.

Perennials allow your garden to change throughout the growing season:

  • Peonies and Iris in May 
  • Roses in June
  • Daylillies and Black-eyed Susan’s in July
  • Hostas in August
  • Sedum and Chrysanthemums in September

The ideal perennial garden has new things in bloom all the time. If you need advice on the best perennials for your garden, talk to the experts at Peters Greenhouse. We have helpful suggestions to make your garden great.